December Updates 🎄

Hey family! Can you believe it’s already December? Time really flies, right? We’re super excited to wrap up the year with some awesome updates. Big thanks for your feedback and support – it’s helped us add some really neat features. And hey, guess what? We’ve grown up! Moving from version 0.9 to 1.0.0, thanks to now having over 500 paid users in our community. Feels like a big step, doesn’t it? Let’s dive into what’s new and celebrate the end of the year with a bang!

:rocket: New Features

WordPress Integration Now Live on :

Hey, guess what? We’ve rolled out this cool new feature where you can now link up with WordPress super easily. It’s like having the best of both worlds – our straightforward no-code platform and all the awesome stuff WordPress offers. Pretty neat for anyone who’s into making websites without the hassle, right? Check it out here and see how it spices up your web design game!

:framed_picture: New Slider Component

We’ve got this new slider feature that’s perfect for showing off a bunch of images on your site. It’s really easy to use, and it’ll make your pages look super slick. You can showcase your portfolio, products, or any cool visuals you’ve got. See how it works.

:floppy_disk: Backup & Restore

So, we added this nifty backup and restore option. It’s a total lifesaver if you need to undo changes or get back something you thought was gone for good. It’s all about making sure your hard work is safe and sound. Here’s more on this.

:e-mail: Email Alerts for Form Submissions

Now, you’ll get an email every time someone fills out a form on your site. It’s a great way to stay updated without constantly checking your site. Super handy for keeping track of feedback or orders. Learn about this feature.

:art: Animations Almost Live!

Just a heads up, we’re about to launch animations too! This feature will let you add some cool, dynamic movements to your website elements. It’s almost ready and will be a fun way to make your pages pop and engage your visitors more. Stay tuned for this update – it’s going to add a whole new layer of creativity to your designs!

:rocket: Cloudflare CDN for Faster Assets Rendering

Exciting news – we’ve teamed up with Cloudflare for CDN services! Now, your website’s JavaScript is rendered through Cloudflare, making your site’s loading speed lightning-fast. This means a smoother, quicker experience for your visitors, and a boost in performance for your site. It’s all about giving you and your users the best experience possible. Keep an eye out for how this enhances your website’s efficiency!

:arrows_counterclockwise: AI Page Regeneration History

Here’s something cool – we’ve now added a history feature for every time you hit ‘regenerate’ on your AI pages. So, if the AI conjures up a design that’s not quite what you were looking for, no sweat! You can now flip back through all the previous versions, pick the one you liked the most, and keep rolling. It’s like having a bunch of design drafts at your fingertips without cluttering your workspace. This feature is all about giving you more choices and less ‘oh no, where did that go?’ moments!

:wrench: Updates & Enhancements

Bug Fixes:

  • Performance Optimizations: We’ve been ever trying to improvements with the pagespeed. We’ve integrated Cloudflare with all the websites and our developers are working hard on optimizing it further so that you have the fastest website on the planet.
  • Fixed issues with export to HTML feature where certain elements were not getting rendered in export.
  • Made optimizations for the links with a brand new component to add a link.

:hammer_and_wrench: Customer Support Updates

  • Tickets Resolved in November: 789 tickets

  • Average Response Time: 14m 55s

  • Top 3 Most Asked Questions:

    1. Do you guys support code export? Absolutely! Dive into this short video to see how our code export works in action. Just a heads-up: this feature is exclusive to our Growth plan and lifetime deals.

    2. How do I kick off my first project? It’s simple! Jump into our AI website builder and pop in a prompt. Alternatively, you can explore our template library for some inspiration and a quick start.

    3. How do lifetime deal plans differ from recurring plans? Our lifetime deal plans are a one-time purchase, letting you use indefinitely without monthly fees. However, they come with certain limits, like visitor counts and monthly form submissions. On the other hand, our monthly and yearly plans are recurring, offering a flexible way to experience all that has to offer.

:bulb: Insights & Tips

  • Tip #1: Dive into CodeDesign Academy: Want to master Our CodeDesign Academy on YouTube is your go-to resource. With over 50 tutorials, you’ll be up and running in no time!
  • Tip #2: Harness the Power of Linked Components: Ever wished for a magic button that updates a component everywhere with a single edit? Meet our Linked Component feature. It’s the ultimate time-saver, ensuring consistency across your site.
  • Tip #3: Swift Design with Shortcuts: Speed up your design process! Use shortcuts to copy, paste, and duplicate elements - not just within a page, but across different pages and even projects. Learn how in this quick video.

:mega: Announcements

  • New & Simplified Pricing: We’ve revamped our pricing structure to make things clearer and more accessible for you! From our streamlined lifetime deals to the introduction of a new yearly pricing option, there’s something for everyone. Dive into the details on our newly launched pricing page.
  • Stay tuned for more exciting updates and news from the team!

Feedback & Community

Your thoughts and ideas are what drives our team. If you have any suggestions, questions, or just want to chat about how you’re using, drop a comment below or reach out to our support team. And if you’ve got a feature you’re itching for, head on over to our feature request page and let us know. Together, we’re shaping the next big thing in no-code website building. Let’s make some magic!

Alright! Wrapping this up with a heartfelt note: Thanks for being with us every step of the way this year. It’s been awesome having you in the fam. Wishing you a wonderful holiday season and a fantastic new year. Can’t wait to see what we create together in 2024! :star2::christmas_tree::fireworks:

With love,
People of CodeDesign.