[New Feature] Get Notified When Users Submit Forms!

Exciting Update for CodeDesign Users!

Introducing a game-changing feature for those utilizing forms and databases on CodeDesign – Email Notifications for Form Submissions.

What’s New?

Tracking form submissions is now a breeze! With our new feature, you can enable instant email notifications for each form submission. Stay updated in real-time and never miss a beat!

How to Enable?

  1. Go to the Database Tab: From there, head over to Notifications & Webhooks menu!
  2. Enable with a Click: Find the ‘Form Notifications’ feature and click ‘Enable’.

Now, every time someone submits a form on your site, you’ll receive an immediate email alert.

We’re committed to enhancing your experience on CodeDesign and value your feedback. Have a feature in mind? Share it through the feature request link in the description or via our chats and forums.

Thank You for Your Support! Keep the suggestions coming, and cheers to your continued innovation with CodeDesign!