You Asked, We Delivered! Customizable Page Names & URLs are Here! 🌟

Hello Fabulous Builders!

Big news! We’ve heard your requests and are thrilled to introduce a feature many of you have been waiting for – Customizable Page Names & URLs!

What’s New?

Say goodbye to the days of waiting for us to make those changes for you. The power is now in your hands – customize your page names and URLs directly from your builder!

How to Customize?

  1. Head to the Pages Dropdown: Find it on the top left corner of your builder.
  2. Hover & Click: Hover over the page you want to customize, click on the three-dot icon, and select ‘Page Settings’.
  3. Make it Yours: You’ll find the option to change both the name and the URL. Make your edits and hit save!

Start Personalizing!

Jump in, explore, and make those pages truly yours! We’re excited to see how this new feature will enhance your creations.

Questions? Need a hand? Our support team is always here to assist you. And keep an eye out – we have more exciting updates and features in the pipeline!

Happy Customizing,
CodeDesign Team