'Presets' and 'Linked Components', what's the difference?

I had to place the same header and footer over multiple pages in my website, I tried both linked component and then presets as well. It works the same right? so what’s the difference.

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Hi there,

Presets are handy for reusing individual design elements but don’t sync changes, while linked components help maintain consistency by updating all instances when you edit the master component. This is super useful for keeping things uniform across multiple parts of your design.

Here’s the simpler analogy:

Presets are like photocopies of a drawing. You can make several copies and use them in different places. If you color in one photocopy, the original drawing and all other copies remain unchanged. Each copy can be modified independently without affecting the original or any other copies.

Linked components are like a network of billboards that display the same advertisement. If you decide to change the advertisement on the original billboard (the master component), all the billboards in the network (linked components) automatically show the new advertisement. Any change to the master is instantly reflected across all billboards.

I hope this clarified the difference for you!

Warm Regards,
CodeDesign Team

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