How to create a new topic

Hey there, fellow CodeDesign enthusiasts!

Just a quick heads-up for our new members wondering about how to kick off a fresh discussion – we got your back!

At the moment, we’ve put a slight pause on the “create new topic” feature for our awesome newcomers. No worries though, it’s a temporary thing. Once you’ve hung around the forum for a bit – reading posts, dropping likes, and all that good stuff – you’ll get a promotion to trust level 1. And guess what? That promotion comes with the power to start your very own topic. :rocket:

Why the temporary hold? Well, we’re keeping a close watch on things and doing our part to keep spam at bay. We’ve had quite the influx of new faces recently, and we want to make sure everyone gets the best experience.

Need to start a discussion right away? Just give us a shout on this thread if you’re feeling a bit stuck. We’re here to help, and we can totally give your trust level a nudge if needed.

Oh, and before you dive into creating a new topic, remember – the search bar is your buddy! There’s a chance your question might have already been answered with a sprinkle of wisdom :grinning:

Cheers and Happy CodeDesigning!